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Wednesday, February 04, 2004
Over the past few nights I've whipped through an interesting semi-expose on American West Coast - Alaska oil shipping called "Tankers Full of Trouble," which I thought was a sound reflection of the truth (or the perception thereof) about shipping oil to our West, and a few interesting entries into the book of HBR 'classics' that Dad lent me. While "Marketing Myopia" hardly seems a literary tour de force, it doesn't take a rocket surgeon to see the implications of the subject at hand. Also had Caesar salad from a kit the other night...good times. Did some laundry, and, impressive for those who've lived with me before, turned off my PC and switched all entertainment to the iPod that arrived in an entry roughly 5 weeks ago. Seems strange to replace the whir and hum and tangle of wires from the PC with a little white nothing, but such is progress.

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