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Monday, February 09, 2004
Interesting weekend that was a step away from the norm, with the walk on Friday and A/V duty being the exceptions. Spent Saturday trucking over to Satellite Beach and back with Mr. Critchett with Bill's trailer in tow, retreiving and bringing home the 700 lb, 61 horsepower Lugger diesel that is to become Chris' new engine aboard Aquarius. Then dinner with Chris and Nancy - always entertaining - and home to catch SNL. Sunday afternoon I did some errands, which has gotten old at long last, and then headed up to the Igloo to skate for a couple of hours...boy did I ever feel more comfortable this week than I did two weeks ago. Sunday evening I took in part of the Grammy's, celebrated with Andre3000 and Big Boi but was bummed that Jack and Meg didn't get more props. Crushing.

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