b 4.0
Tuesday, February 17, 2004
Huh. How do you spell jaflooey? Nobody knew at Clara's over lunch, in the afternoon at Cold Stone, with Robin at #4, at Red Cedar Grill (or maybe they did know but won't have an answer for another 90 minutes), on SNL (a rerun with Goat Boy - who is my faaaahhaahhhvorite- "Who's More Grizzled?" and "Old French Whore"), in Barnes & Noble on Sunday, or at the dance concert (which seems a confusation in terms to me, but my B has an S after it not an A, so what can I do?). Back in Sarasota after all that, feeling a million miles away, I'm still wishing like crazy that I knew how to spell jaflooey. Ski trip coming up, which is fun, but for the first time I can ever remember in the history of the world according to me I'm looking past skiing. This is indeed uncharted territory.

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