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Tuesday, January 27, 2004
Marsovers.jpl.nasa.gov has been feeding my lust for information and images from afar lately - I cannot believe how strange it is to gaze onto the floor of a distant planet with such clarity. Perhaps Spirit and Opportunity have cooler digital cameras than me, but I'm pretty pleased with the results I got from this weekend's foray with my Sony DSC-P8. At Mom's suggestion I'm thinking about doing a black and white from one of the pictures I took (likely of Dartmouth Chapel) to add to my collection. Last night I felt like a little kid: had ice cream for dinner, read two books that are pure fun, including that grand passage from "Islands in the Stream" when Davey hooks the billfish and the boys and their father spend a day off Bimini bonding on a boat. Timeless. Sometimes I worry that what I do doesn't matter, but when I read that I find myself at peace with the world. Especially when there's ice cream, too.

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