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Wednesday, January 07, 2004
Long evening last night with a First Friday meeting that just refused to end. But, I got some good points in and helped steer the group in a more youthful, classier direction, so I guess that's the fruit of my labor. Other than that, I've been avoiding using water both at the office and at home following a mid-Tuesday break in the main, which is really cramping my style. Speaking of style that is cramped, how about the post office? The model of a modern major mess, that's all I can say. At lunch today the line was at least 45 minutes long, the supply bins were empty, and only two people were working. Madness! I mean two good credit-card based vending machines and an illegal migrant worker could solve this problem, but instead the USPS is a lumbering dinosaur of an organization. Don't get me wrong - I think privatization is beautiful - but how on earth is the mail going to last with service like that? Pretty soon it'll be cheaper and easier to courier mail to points north myself.

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