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Friday, January 30, 2004
Last night's visit from USPS brought the balance of the weekend updates that I didn't have electronically, so I spent some time getting started typing those. I also read a fair amount, from "The Breakthrough Strategy" which has hardly any pictures and "Powder Magazine" which has a bunch. Also spent a fair piece on the phone with points north. I really like the idea that phones connect not just people but geography as well, so when I speak to someone in my mind our conversation is both a name and a place; last night was Bethesda and East Lansing, both of which are snowier than SRQ. Also note today's new title image from my FSC (or, as East Lansing put it: 'Frank Lloyd Wright house-ville'...what fun! ) trip last weekend. That is, you guessed it, Dartmouth Chapel.

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