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Wednesday, January 14, 2004
Interesting budgetary news from Washington DC today. I'm all about the new space initiative, even at an additional $1bn in 5 years: if I'm going to work one day a week for the fed, then by all means in addition to building roads and keeping my semi-safe yes, let's explore somewhere new. For this reason I guess a moon base isn't my favorite plan, but in the name of science I say let's forge ahead; plus it's more achievable. For once I tend to agree with him, "there's much more to learn and explore." Later in the day I read about a Bush plan to pump $1.5bn into promoting marriage among low-income members of the population. Don't get me wrong, I think helping low-income families is an important priority, but should the government be stepping in to provide marriage counseling? What? Marriage counseling provided free by Uncle Sam? It just seems to me like that is a pretty low return for the taxpayer's dollar, with minimal benefit to the common good. That's my two cents.

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