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Monday, January 26, 2004
Got up semi-early on Saturday and headed to Florida Southern College Architectural District to take in the seven Frank Lloyd Wright buildings there. Dartmouth Chapel would have to be my favorite, although the entirety of the campus was very nice. The arrogance of the architect shone through, though, in the 76" tall esplanades that track 1.4 miles around the grounds between the buildings. Later in the day I caught up with some people, did some reading, re-attached the passenger side door panel in the Jimmy, and collapsed early with a massive headache. Sunday was AV duty, then a long afternoon at Selby Gardens with a book, then off to Selby Library to check out "Islands in the Stream" to rekindle my boating passions before the boss' return today. In the evening I watched "The Cup" and realized that I enjoy movies that take place on the Himalayan plateau..."Himalaya" is another favorite.

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