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Tuesday, January 13, 2004
Game on. Took in "Radio" last evening because Cobb is so stinking cheap and it was rumored to be a good show, which it was. It was the kind of movie that makes you want to walk out of the theater and be a coach, mentor, and all-round better person. Had tortellini again last night, and boy oh boy is that tasting good. It had been awhile since I'd ponied up for pre-treated pasta, but one of the great things about being a Sam's Club member is that you can get that sort of thing in bulk, along with 4 sticks of deodarant for the price of 2, and the only cost to you is the bitter bitter reminder of the hosing you took when you bought 0.5 large worth of tires last month.
In a programming-ish note, please look to your immediate left and observe that those cherished bulletins, those prized letters, those fairest of telegrams, those Webb Weekend Updates, are now PDF-ed and ready for your perusing pleasure. Enjoy.

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