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Wednesday, December 10, 2003
Time to vent today, about warehouse clubs and telemarketers. Why can't people just leave you alone, let you do your thing, and not charge you an arm and a leg? I bought tires this week for the GMC, which involved joining a warehouse club to get the best deal. Unfortunately, they won't let you use your own credit card and require that you be there between 10 and 6 o'clock to conduct business, which is ridiculous since I knew they didn't have the tires and I could have just as easily phoned in my order and returned when the tires arrived. Then, shock-me-shock-me-shock-me, they charge $11 per tire for installation! So now, after going through the whole thing I added up my big 'discount store' savings and came up with (wait for it) -$0.12. That's right. I lost twelve cents. But hey now I'm a member at Sam's Club so anytime I want to go be miserable I can truck on out to Sam's and stand in lines that don't move and get zero service to buy goods at marginally discounted prices. You have to be kidding me, how can there not be a better way.

Off to St. Pete tonight to participate in the Reindeer Run with friends, should be fun. Haven't covered 5k in awhile, but hopefully the Christmas spirit will carry me.

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