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Wednesday, December 03, 2003
So we resume the flow of bloggy goodness after a 6-day break. Here's how it shook down: good Thanksgiving hosted by my grandparents Bruno, then a day and change of relaxing and watching home videos from my childhood. Saturday it was off to Lansing for fun at Robin's. We had a mini-birthday party attended by the fam and an invited guest, with whom I then departed to see "Elf." Sunday was MSU day, walking the campus and hanging out in EL before parent's departure and a trip to the mall, then dinner and a movie. Monday was a whirlwind, but a fun whirlwind that I think went pretty well. That night was a birthday trip to Jacqueline's, followed by a night at BW's watching the game and (as they say) having a drink. I felt all grown up all day long. Tuesday was a slow start and then a long trip home, and then the day after that was today.

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