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Tuesday, November 04, 2003

So here's the rundown. Left Sarasota at 5:30 Thursday, drove to QuarterDeck bar and grill in Fort Lauderdale, where I ate and drank with Anthony and Jamie and Gwen and John and Upde. From there I went to the DoubleTree, rendezvoused with Karyn, then departed for Jamie and Gwen's where we stayed late catching up with folks. Friday was a day at the boat show, then in the evening rather a lot of partying at Jamie and Gwen's and then downtown at RiverWalk. Saturday was boat show time again, lunch at Cheeburger! Cheeburger!, back to the hotel to catch the end of the UM game, off to the beach with Anthony, then back to the hotel. In the evening (after some frantic shopping at the adjacent mall) Karyn and I headed to Bart Roberts for a very VERY upscale cocktail party. We wined and dined with the boat industry elite and pretended, like Jack Dawson at dinner on the Titanic, that we belonged. Sunday was laid back: brunch in the morning, dropping off folks at the airport, then chillin' in the hotel before a great dinner at Crepe Christina's with Karyn in the evening and the drive home in the late hours of the day. It was a novel weekend...four years ago I would have given anything to see the boats and attend the show but having come through Webb and been in the business I realized this weekend that I could have skipped the boats and spent more time with friends and been all the better for it.

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