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Monday, October 13, 2003
Some new art joined my collection this weekend: two prints that were both gifts, framed masterfully by Marise Art & Frame, and ready to go on the walls. I'm pretty much out of wall space now, though, so other plans are on hold indefinitely.

A rundown of the weekend's events: Friday hit the gym with Drew and Kim, then out to the Salty Dog for dinner. Saturday up early to Anna Maria for soccer practice, then in the afternoon pick-up of aforementioned art, off to St. Armand's for an art fair in the circle that contained no (0, zero, the empty set, etc) black and white photography. Home to catch some football, read quite a bit of "Driving over Lemons," then tuned in to see Justin Timberlake hosting SNL. Sunday was sound duty, some football, a nice long trip to Main Books & Cold Stone, some catching up with folks, and the rest of my book.

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