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Friday, October 10, 2003
So the drama at work has wound down, my hair has been reigned in, and I even saw Jerry Springer headed up Main Street with Mrs. Springer while the four members of the MPYD lunch crowd treated themselves to a great meal at Mattison's City Grille. This brings on two comments: 1) how do they get their house dressing to taste SO great with mixed greens and gorgonzola cheese and 2) what are we in olde Englande here people? Drop the 'e' for crying out loud...this is America, man. (And yes, ironically, I would like french fries with that.) Should be a good weekend - picking up some art (thanks to Karyn and parents), hoping to ride at least 50 miles, have soccer practice, watching some football, etc. Framing pictures is a hobby that I could seriously get into, but there are so many darn limitations. My walls are to small, my wallet is too small, my taste is too small, my visions are too big, and I have to spackle any holes I make. Reading is much easier.

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