b 4.0
Tuesday, October 07, 2003
Settling back into life as a Floridian and as a graduate this week as the buzz of a previous existence is still in my head. But, with a book and some wine and now a week of errands and details here, I'm sure that I'll soon remember that I'm a grown-up. Watched the Bucs' game last night, then came to work this morning to find that their fab defense gave up 28 fab points and lost the game. Now they have 2 losses and find themselves in a situation almost as precarious as Michigan's. Skipped down to Sarasota News & Books at lunch for a few things and found out that Jimmy Carter will be there in 6 weeks - crrrrazy. Also flipped through my new fave design publication, Dwell Magazine, and decided that yacht designers are just at a real disadvantage cash-flow wise.

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