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Monday, October 20, 2003
Plenty of rest this weekend after a few weeks of late nights and plenty of activity. Talked to people here and there, had soccer practice and a meeting about a subcontracting job, watched some football, hit the library and Barnes & Noble, finally saw "Finding Nemo", and checked out SNL with Halle and Britney. Then Sunday I did the A/V thing, went on a 35-mile ride in the afternoon that ended with tired legs standing over a fellow rider who'd gotten a flat and was totally unprepared for the situation but also totally unwilling to accept that fact, and then watched the Buccaneers get humiliated by San Fran. Boy was that ever a not fun game to see - I rotated between half-napping and listening to Tom Petty and watching the game, as 10 minutes or so was all I could handle of the reigning champs.

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