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Monday, October 06, 2003
In roughly two days I had a great weekend, a re-visiting of my pre-college years, a reunion with family and friends, a glimpse down the road not taken, and, perhaps first and foremost: autumn. Really and truly a whirlwind trip up after work on Friday, then a wee-hours trip to Meijer, then to sleep in Robin's cool new place. Saturday morning was breakfast, then off to the game to hear the band and to watch Smoker go 32-40 to lead the Spartans to a 31-3 victory of Indiana, all under beautiful partly cloudy skies in brisk fall air. In the afternoon our group of four rendezvoused with Sandy & Mark, who treated us to a great lunch at a deli in East Lansing. Then Jenelle and I headed off to take in the rest of the day: watched the tail end of the Michigan game (so sad), head across campus to the Spartan Spectacular (so good, so many drums, such an amazing wall of brass sound), then swing into Cosi for the tiniest little bit of making her birthday official, and home to catch Jack Black on SNL and meet Nancy. Sunday morning was a trip to Jacqueline's to see her and the progress on her house, then back to town and off to Detroit to come home. Superlatives just don't even start.

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