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Thursday, October 30, 2003
Come on now people! Fifty cents for 3 pounds of air in 4 tires? What? The air is free, and unless the compressor is in outer space connected to the Mobil station via tether it is beyond the realm of possibility that it cost $.50 to increase the P of such a small V of air. Is it absolutely necessary to make a profit on every single transaction? What happened to the days when stores offered convenience items at cost? Last summer I purchased a cargo trailer from an RV dealer who treated it as just that - a convenience to their customers on which no mark-up was taken - and it cost a good bit more than the air I put in my tires at lunch. I mean seriously, are station owners worried that so many people are going to come in and top off their tires without buying gas or a soda or some smokes that the station business goes under? Communism. That's all it is.

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