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Monday, September 15, 2003
Whoa nelly! Where's Keith Jackson when you need him? The Blue posted 38 and N-D laid an egg, and now the train is cruising. If they can give some of that treatment to Oregon next week I think we're good to go until OSU on November 22.

Around here, I coached some kids in soccer on Saturday, which was fun. We did some drills, I helped some kids, I helped the coach, it was like old times except in reverse. Apparently they finished the bridge, too, but I was so pooped from running around in the sun all morning that riding the bike after the big game didn't sound like too much fun. Then Sunday, a missing face in church was a bit of a letdown...as Merritt says, maybe she was detained and will be back next week. Who knows.

Got seats for the MSU v. Indiana game today. Not pretty, but dang are tickets expensive...looks like I'll have more than enough WorldPoints to rent a car by February. It's tempting just to sit at Robin's and watch it on TV, where we'd still be able to hear the band. But, since there's no TV at Robin's, we'll go inside and get wild and crazy. I'm pumped.

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