b 4.0
Tuesday, September 02, 2003
What a Labor Day holiday it was. We maxed out the Orlando experience - two evenings at Downtown Disney, a day at Universal and Islands of Adventure, and a day at Sea World and Disney's Magic Kingdom. There were coasters big and small, several enchanted forests, tree houses in two different parks, searchlights everywhere in the sky, and even the chance to pet a friendly dolphin. Plus, there was a lot of time spent between #511 and Orlando, which might have been a drudgery except for the pleasant company along the way. It's good to have time just to talk and chill and stare in wonderment at the lightning overhead when somebody else is there to share the experience with you, but it all ended much too soon and now it's back to reality, even if it's only 80 percent reality this week on account of having Monday off. It should be a busy short week and then next weekend football season hits full stride and UM will try to push its record to 2-0 against Houston.

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