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Thursday, September 25, 2003
Sometimes TV is just mindless entertainment, but sometimes it hits darn close to home: 'Ed' and 'West Wing' were both prime examples of that last night...and my feelings on both are now documented parts on Internet lore. I also continued my journey through a book called "Toothpicks & Logos" about design and how it shapes society. It's a good reminder that every thing we see (almost without exception) has been designed, be it the font you are now reading, the site that holds it, the monitor that it is projected opon, the chair you may (or may not) be sitting in, and the clothes that you may (or may not) be wearing. It's funny to think of something so totally integral to our culture as an art, but I think that is certainly what it is.

Another comment is sparked today when I checked, as I periodically do, the sites that Blogger lists as "blogs that catch the eye," and I've picked up a couple of important trends. Firstly, apparently to have a blog worth mentioning you need to be a) a major player in the IT/web design field or b) a sorority girl at a large college or an ex-sorority girl now living in a major urban area. Secondly, you know what I think I'm doing just fine and dandy down here in a non-major, non-urban area working as a major player in a totally-unrelated field.

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