b 4.0
Wednesday, September 03, 2003
Headed out for a ride last night - solo - to assess how much ground I've lost since my last tour de Longboat. I went 10 miles out to the Lido Key Beach and back, and boy oh boy did I ever feel weak. But, the new 105 gear is an improvement and Sarasota Schwinn really outdid themselves on the setup....the brakes are firmer, the shifting quicker, and the lever assemblies rattle way less.

My deep thought for today is about animation (sadly, not the kind where drawn figures alliterate what live actors cannot). After a few consecutive days with somebody who gets fired up about the little things, about life's minor blessings as well as the major ones, about good service and bad service, about rollercoasters and dolphins, I've decided that in the end cancer or overpopulation really won't be the cause of our demise as a culture or species. On that final afternoon in the sun, the final human will realize that apathy has killed us. Then they will probably roll over and take a damn nap with the last few hours that could be spent surfing or riding or petting dolphins or even just having an opinion about something.

© 2007 Corey Bruno