b 4.0
Friday, September 12, 2003
Doesn't take long for info to be disseminated these days...between email, free long distance, and the Blog, everybody knows my business practically before I do. I guess the information age is a double-edged sword in that regard - on the one hand our access to goods, services, and knowledge has grown infinitely, but sometimes I think we start to learn stuff from so far outside our realm that we're out of control. If I can read cnn.com and WebMD.com for 20 minutes, I will know more than enough about aortic dissection to have an intellectual conversation about it, but I'm still not even on the horizon of being a qualifed medical mind. Our thirst for knowledge is watered and fertilized and allowed so much sunlight now that, much like my house plant Spike, it is taking over lives. Perhaps (again, like Spike) it is time to trim things in, cut away the lower shoots, thin out the upper branches, leaving a focused organism living in control and not having to grapple with its growing needs. Or not. Being smart is good, a hunger to learn never killed anyone, so why not? But, are smarter citizens better citizens? In utopia wouldn't the average IQ be higher, but isn't that a catch-22? Gather the nerds together and you will have a very needy culture. Hmmm. Hope UM wins big, that's all I know for sure.

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