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Tuesday, August 12, 2003
What a weekend it was! Saw many an old friend and made a couple new ones, too, sandwiched around Karyn and Rob's wedding. Saturday we hung out at Anthony's, then Gram, Nick, and I went into DC to see some sights before meeting the big group for a Live on Penn concert featuring Everclear. From there, it was off to Adams-Morgan for a wild wild night at Tom-Tom's, wherein we boosted the economy and partied 'til we could party no more, then it was back to the Metro and into Nick's car and south to Crystal City for a brief overnight at some of the new friends' palace in the sky apartment. Sunday we drove north to DE, took in the ceremony and festivities, then busted our collective moves on the dance floor. It was good to see so many of the '02-ers back together, along with some old standbys: Chip, Mr. & Mrs. The Dean, some other assorted Webbies, and Steph and Cody. After the party wound down, around 10 of us headed to a local watering hole for a pretty laid-back after party. Yesterday was home, with breakfast and goodbye's at a Waffle House in Maryland, then a free plane ticket in exchange for 90 minutes of my time. More weekends like that would be cool.

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