b 4.0
Monday, August 25, 2003
Turned out to be a darned good weekend, even with a blood-donation-induced lethargy that followed me around all day Saturday. Friday evening was spent at the Old Salty Dog, prior to which I got a tiny little bit of work done on my aging Oakley E-wires at Sunglasses Connection on the Circle. Saturday I was up early, off to the dry pits for about an hour, then donating blood, then Subway, then the beach at Siesta Key for some boat-race watching. In the evening I watched "Amelie" - quite good - and headed off to bed rather early so that I could rise and shine and go rowing with Drew and Kim in Osprey. After a few reps on "the erg" a group of 5 beginners got into an eight with 3 experienced rowers and we swept up and down the ICW. It was a fun way to spend a morning and a good intro to what appears to be a great sport. Sunday afternoon fizzled to some extent, with library and grocery shopping and cleaning and reading not really amounting to anything worth printing.

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