b 4.0
Wednesday, July 02, 2003
A rough ride last evening netted a 24.05 flying mile, but starting with the B group wore me down too quickly and forced me to finish losing steam with the C group. It'll be good to get more experience on the bike to be able to maintain a more average average. Also worked lots yesterday in preparation for an tommorrow's trip north for the Fourth. I'm stoked to be getting away, stoked to see people, stoked to be flying, stoked to celebrate my favorite holiday, stoked to be an American (even if we are blackmailing 35 countries into turning a blind eye to any war crimes we may have committed. Nothing says "guilty" quite like bribing people into voting "not-guilty" no matter what.") and stoked to be heading back to Michigan, where the grass really is greener. Let the good times roll.

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