b 4.0
Wednesday, July 30, 2003
Not much of an average last night as a portion of le peloton wiped out after being cut off by an elderly Floridian in a PT Cruiser. I was the last of the 4 to fall, sustained minimal personal damage, and my trusty 2000 is being restored to near-new condition by the crew at BnJ on somebody else's tab. Found out today that the carnage wasn't terrible - Jodi is OK (road-rashed and sore like me), Greg has a hairline fracture in his elbow, and no news is hopefully good news about Ari. Just a reminder to be safe and have some fun while you still can is how I'm counting the episode. Plus, a good way to meet people. Folks are a whole lot more interested in coming up and talking to you when you're bloodied and beaten then when you are standing tall and proud.

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