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Monday, June 09, 2003
A weekend on Long Island full of friends and fun has been and gone. A even dozen members of my class were present, along with a bevy of underclassmen and a few of the cooler members of the special class. Friday was a day to get reacquainted, with a nice drive from BWI and lunch at Karyn's before rendezvousing with the class at Marra's, Webb, and the Comptons. We had some difficulties with the weather on Saturday, so I spent much of the day enjoying the music but lamenting the pain in my frozen feet, which got exponentially worse after a long game of ultimate on third terrace. The c.b.g.b. band "Bootleg Remedy" was a big hit, playing indoors, and, at times, swelling to 10 pieces with the addition of Spider Nick and his bari player James. After that set Spider Nick & his Mad Dogs played a jamming ska set before a DJ took the stage and spun into the night. After the music stopped it was thumpers and the pub scene until bedtime. Sunday we rose and caravaned to East Quogue for a day of fun in the semi-sun, with swimming in the pool, relaxing in the hot tub, playing with Liberty the dog, and bocce on the lawn. It all ended too soon as I had to depart around dinnertime to get back to JFK for the flight home.

Speaking of flights, I had a most enjoyable travelling experience. On my northbound trip I rode AirTran's new B717, which is a fine little jetliner. Then on the return leg I flew Song for the first time. The service was excellent, the crew friendly and funny, the seats comfortable, and the whole experience very short on the downsides of the routine of travelling by air. "Should the cabin lose air pressure, oxygen masks will fall from the overhead. Once you've stopped screaming, put the mask over your nose and mouth." They even gave sports scores in the air.

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