b 4.0
Wednesday, June 04, 2003
Tough ride last night with a stiff southwesterly wind. I still managed to ride with the B group, albeit towards the tail of the beast, and had an average of 24.3. Had it been a bit calmer I might have climbed back above 25, but instead the speed was slower and I was more tired than any previous ride. Even woke up this morning a little bit sore for the first time. I'm going to have to work on that.

In other news, Sammy Sosa was using a corked bat. He grabbed the wrong one. Seems like for whatever un-Godly sum he earns to participate in the majors he could hire somebody to hand him an uncorked bat when he steps up....that way he would save himself from looking like a lying cheating scumbag and save somebody else from this recessing economy. But look on the bright side for baseball - one of its heros might be finished, but at least in leaving he got the league a headline. Perfecto.

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