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Monday, June 30, 2003
"Is Rome worth one good man's life? You made us believe it once. Make us believe it again." The same for freedom today, I think: is freedom worth one good man's life? I think it is, but maybe those who fight for it should be the ones who will appreciate it and not soldiers who've traveled from afar to spread the greatness of America. If the insurrection continues, if men my age must continue to die to bring the Iraqi people something that they apparently don't want, why not bring them home? I've quoted The West Wing before - "Why does the U.S. have to take every Arab country out for an ice cream cone? They'll like us when we win!" - but I think that Tobey Z just might have been wrong. Well you know what, if they decide that they'd rather run around in the street and sucker punch their liberators then to hell with them. We'll load up our boys and go home. We've got the Fourth of July and you've got nothing. Sorry folks, the ice cream shop is closed, you can keep your poverty-stricken country with its miserable politics.

Here at home it was a quiet weekend, where I was free to do whatever I wanted, which included a fun evening out on Friday with some friends, a haircut and library trip on Saturday, church A/V duty on Sunday followed by house and clothes cleaning, and reading reading reading all in between. Now a tiny 3-day week before jetting away for "The Fourth up North."

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