b 4.0
Wednesday, June 18, 2003
Finally made it back up to 25 last night, but not anywhere past - 25.01 mph over the flying island and back to the parking garage just as a massive storm broke over downtown. It's good to be fast, because the 22-23 mph crew must have gotten absolutely demolished by torrential rains and gale-force winds. After the ride I headed right home and wipped up a massive stir-fry that tasted so very good. Mmm baby corn! Say what you will about 'bad for the environment' or 'socially irresponsible' but that things are guuuud. Then I put some chill tunes on the stereo and looked through my pictures. It's good to reminisce, especially with my new Yamaha pumping out such fine sound. I definitely waited too long before buying a new receiver - the power and sound quality of the HTR-5550 might have livened up a night or two back at Webb.

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