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Friday, May 16, 2003
What an amazingly busy week. Trips to the bank filled lunch hours, work filled working hours, riding and reading filled after hours, and the blog sat somewhat empty. Thursday would have to be the highlight: achieved my New Year's resolution of riding LBK at a speed of more than 25 mph, and, despite a poor week training-wise leading up to it, I rode 25.63. I also tested my pure sprint speed Monday night over the home stretch and, with about an 8 mph tailwind reached a top speed of 35.26 - scary fast but just enough to keep up with the riders in the back of the Tour de France peloton. Got my income tax return, too, so at long last the AV receiver that I've coveted for years and years, the Yamaha HTR-5550, will arrive at my door sometime very early next week. I'm tres excited about that...consumer electronics are just TOO much fun.

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