b 4.0
Friday, May 02, 2003
An unusually calm whirlwind week. Rode LBK 3 of 5 weeknights, boosting my two-way average over the "flying island" to 23.6mph. Next week, depending on how my Monday ride goes, I might try to ride with the fast pack on Tuesday...bring on the pain.

In other news, while I'm at work a table has arrived at home, which has me stoked. Also got more surfing gear which has me stoked. Hopefully this weekend I'll actually GO surfing. There's been plenty of reading too, including the learning of a new life's motto not suitable for printing here. I've been bridging the gap between non- and fiction with some non-fiction that doesn't matter and, accordingly, might as well be fiction - call it what will, it reads like a novel. Me talk pretty one day too, I hope.

Made travel plans to jet north for Webbstock as well. Get to ride in a B717, my first, on the way up. Should be a grand old time.

Got a pair of wedding invitations this week, one a standard take and one a unique twist to the old classic. It's strange how the invitation to the party can be such an indication of who'll be there and who's throwing it. I guess other things are strange, too, but that was the one that stuck out this week.

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