b 4.0
Friday, May 23, 2003
A good ride last night, but slower on account of the wind. Made 23.6 over the flying island, not bad considering the smaller pack I travelled with and the stiff SW'erly breeze. I'm hoping to ride on my own this weekend, to get the feeling of what it is like to really work and and really go slow again.

At home, the new A/V equipment rocks out...Yamaha seems head and shoulders above the class. Why don't Sony & Sharp have amber displays? SO much easier to read from the sofa. The sound quality is darned good, too.

At work, a new project to fill my hours. I've started prelims on the Cabo 57. Got to hear some horror stories about shipping yachts by truck - a moderately over-beam sportfish left on the side of the highway in Florida with no means of retreiving it, etc. It's fascinating to me how many areas there are where a person can develop expertise. So much knowledge out there, so little of it in my head.

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