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Friday, April 25, 2003
DOH! Thanks to the staff Phyiscal Therapist I've now been warned to stay out of the pool after riding to avoid prolonging the muscle trauma that I've inflicted. Man is it ever nice to have smart people reading your website! If anybody reads this and nows how to turn plastic bags into money, then please by all means let me know.

The weekend upcoming holds the possibility of a day at the boat show or a day surfing, but probably I'll only get one or the other, since if the weather stays junky I'll surf but if a remarkable turn-around occurs surfing will be right out and the boat show will be in. I'm also hoping to finally (after 2.5 months) wrap up the designs for my bedroom furniture and send them off for estimates next week. There will probably be some more furniture shopping, since that seems to be what I do on weekends, and I've signed up to be an assistant A/V Geek at church. Except that at church, they're not called 'geeks' per se, just A/V people, although in all honesty everybody knows what 'people' means in that connotation. I mean seriously, nobody who isn't just a tad geeky cares this much about consumer electronics, am I right? Last week I nearly bought a set of $600 tires for the James to get a free $100 Palm Zire - how messed up is that? That's worse for you then getting in the hot tub after cycling.

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