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Thursday, March 20, 2003
Late nights to wrap up a project for me while our boys in the desert worked late nights to start a war. At the end of the day I'm still so proud of America I could puke, but I guess I'd be a lousy liar if I said my heart was in this one. Still, the engineer in me loves all the gadgetry parading over, around, and through the sand. March Madness starts again on the hardwood tonight, and the spring break madness gets back underway at home tomorrow. We're headed out to prehistoric Florida (what the state was before things had settled down, geologically speaking, about 100 trillion gazillion bazillion days ago) this weekend and to Palm Beach next weekend for the boat show, so it should be a very Florida break for Mom and Dad. Other happy news continues to trickle in, too, of weddings in Pennsylvania and couples headed to Europe on vacation and of folks swimming back into the vast proverbial sea o' fishes.

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