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Thursday, February 13, 2003
Hopefully today will be the beginning of the resolution to the saga involving my Fossil, as I ship it to Dallas for repair or for good, whichever they decide. It is kinda sad to feel like it is in your best interests to just cut bait on a $75 watch, but I suppose capitalism has led us down this path. So, if no replacement is offered, I'm in the watch market. I found an excellent and tres chic MOMO Designs F1 Titanium on eBay for $450, but somehow I just don't see myself wearing a watch worth more than my not-so-trusty Fossil Blue for awhile. Maybe a nice Casio Ediface from Walmart. My G-Shock has lasted a decade with 2 battery replacements, so I think I can trust Casio with my next timepiece.

In other news, zero-hour is fast approaching. Constable blogged our itinerary on the class website, so hopefully our "PCP-fueled road trip' will live up to billing. So far it sounds like fun and the weather up north has been most cooperative in the weeks prior to my departure, so the skiing should be awesome.

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