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Monday, January 20, 2003
The Buccaneers won big again yesterday, so now it's a week of Super Bowl anticipation mania, hopefully followed by a year of being the world champs in tackle football. In other news, a pair of rides this weekend and some new faces and names from the Sarasota biking scene. Sunday I was able to push up Longboat into the wind and scorch back down at a total average speed of 19.21 mph. That is a 0.5 mph improvement over last weekends' jaunt, so I'm feeling good about my shoes and my muscles. Also got my camera on Friday, which is cool. I'm very satisfied with it and ready to record my life in never-before-seen detail. Also got the news of several upcoming visits to the SunCoast by various groups from my life in Michigan...confuscious say "it's good to have friends in Florida."

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