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Monday, September 30, 2002
Another reassurance that Webb was the right decision some 4.5 years ago. It was a great weekend with my closest classmates, colleagues, and friends. We congratulated Dean Compton, we were shooshed by President Kiss, we laughed into the night with Professors Hadler and Gallagher, and we spent time talking about our new lives apart from these our closest friends. I think we all sensed this weekend that this is a group of friends that will last forever and be fun the whole time. And when the ache in my side from laughing had calmed down, there was new equipment on my return flight: Canadair RJ-50, you are quite the mix of emotions. Smooth and powerful underway yet loud and uncomfortable, it is hard to rank this one on my list.
Thursday, September 26, 2002
After work today I jet away to Boston for what promises to be a great weekend with classmates and friends from my years at the Institute. It will also be the first time since (GASP) spring break that I've been on an airplane, and we all know how much yours truly enjoys the thrill of flying - if in doubt see November 30, 2001. Tonight's equipment are a B757 and a B737-800. And today's trivia: the diameter of the 737's fuselage is LESS than that of the 777's P&W turbofans.
Monday, September 23, 2002
Oh it is a sexy beast, the TREK 2000. Fast and furious, it is like riding the wind. A busy weekend, with bikes, bike repairs, plenty of time out on the keys taking in the wildlife - a manatee, a dolphin, monk parakeets, pelicans, egrets, herons, palmated plovers, and two kinds of egrets - and joining some wildlife for an afternoon of body surfing off Lido Key in some Isidorean rollers. Now a brief week before turning north for a long weekend with classmates in Boston.
Thursday, September 19, 2002
Eagerly anticipating the afternoon whistle this day when I'll train the Jimmy north then east to ORL, where I'll rendezvous with Dad. Work tomorrow, then Saturday is the day scheduled for pickup of my new Trek 2000, and apart from that the weekend is more or less open.
Tuesday, September 17, 2002
A few last minutes of prepping before company arrives, mixed with riding my rejuvinated Trek 820. There's just something about riding around on a bike that is enjoyable, even when it is too warm to do much else.
Monday, September 16, 2002
Posts stretch to 'few and far between' status as the weeks and months mount here in Real World, USA. This weekend saw continued work on the home front, a pathetic Michigan football game, and plenty of laziness and lethargy. I ordered a bike, but will celebrate good fortune when I'm actually riding it around Sarasota.
Monday, September 09, 2002
Frustrations mount on the bicycle front. An apparent deal falls through to the north and around here there is very little luck to be had. In other news, Michigan advances to 2-0 and the weekend in tennis was most exciting. All in all it feels like the craziness of moving in is winding down, tapering off into the routine of life in #511.
Friday, September 06, 2002
Four days breeze by like the blink of an eye. This weekend hopes to be fruitful in my search for a bike, and the first chance I'll have to take in some college football. There will also likely be more work on my ongoing projects at home....no sleep for those who are enjoying the real world.
Tuesday, September 03, 2002
It was a great holiday under comfortable clouds in Savannah. Kevin and I saw the sights, heard some tunes, ate some good food, and had an all-around relaxing and fun weekend. Now a four day week that will see the installation of cable and the continued search for feng shui inside #511.

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