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Friday, December 14, 2001
This is the end. Fall hasn't turned to winter in Glen Cove yet, but on this drizzly glum day Fall Semester bowed out. There was laundry, errand running galore, and a trip to the airport with a couple of friends to fill the day as full as one likes on a lazy Friday. Goodbyes were exchanged all around: we find out who our best friends are when we have to bid them farewell. For some it was Godspeed - the sophomores head to sea, and for the ones that we like it is exciting to anticipate the fun they'll have and the pictures they'll take. Freshman are off to shipyards and to stretch their independence to new limits, but most just want to go home. And for the seniors, it is only with the assurance that we'll be back that we allow our classmates to depart.

"People, stay just a little bit longer
We wanna play just a little bit longer
If the promoter don't mind
And the union don't mind
We can take a little time and we'll leave it all behind
Sing one more song

Oh, won't you stay just a little bit longer
Please, please, please say, you will, say you will"

~Jackson Browne - "Load Out/Stay (The Roadie Song)"

© 2007 Corey Bruno