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Sunday, December 09, 2001
Sometimes a blip in the blog suggests a day off campus away from the internet (i.e. rafting in West Virginia) or a lazy day when I forgot (i.e. most Tuesdays), but yesterday was the craziest day I believe I have ever taken part in at Webb. After the week of late nights I was tired and slept in, then rose, showered, and got ready for a 2 o'clock tip-off in our last basketball game. The game was a 5-point loss to Sarah Lawrence, a game that was ours for the taking but slipped away. After hoops was Christmas shopping with Kyle for our classmates. After shopping was dinner, then wrapping, then singing, then the Webb Christmas party. We rocked out main deck until shortly after 1 AM, at which point about a dozen hearty souls moved to the pub for a laid-back but fun after-party that screamed into the night like the Orient Express. Today has been all about the good vibrations from Ship Vibrations take home and studying for the Ship Vibrations final tomorrow. And another round of singing with a birthday party for Jackie as well. I've crammed 4 days worth of Webb activity into 34 hours. There must be a pillow in my near future.

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