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Monday, November 26, 2001
Back from break. The song remains the same, the beat goes on, time marches forth, etc. Scotland, England, family, and Thanksgiving were all good. It feels good to be able to say "great" or "fantastic" when people ask how the break went; the luxury of travel seems amplified lately and the corresponding enjoyment grew exponentially. Had a chance to see Scotland play Argentina in the rugby in Edinburgh, and I can say that hearing bagpipes by the score is something else. The home team couldn't get the job done on that rainy Sunday, but for a trio of Americans in the endzone it was still a really good time.

As if going on vacation abroad wasn't enough fun, there is the added treat of flying there and back. I love flying and planes. Nothing better than rumbling along the taxiway seeing these pretty maidens, all in a row, waiting to take us somewhere new. Ships are great and boats rule, but there isn't much on the water that matches the feeling of rolling the power on in a 747 or that feeling when a big tin bird comes out of ground effect and soars skyward with such inspiration. I hope Airbus builds the A38x, and I hope Boeing builds a bigger 7x7 - they are amazing and show the might of man more than anything else in existence.

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