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Monday, October 22, 2001
Orlando seems to slide farther and farther away the closer we get. A swamped day today that featured plenty of aggrevation: NA 7 lab attendace is now required to be in the classroom, an ME 6 project that makes Conrad seem very matter-of-fact, a poorly scheduled recruiting visit that interrupted basketball practice but was attended by just 6 juniors, and the frustration of a pair of sophomore boys who can't seem to get over how much fun it is to park out front. I lobbied especially hard with the powers that be to have the offenders towed, but to no avail. People don't know how glad they are that I am not in charge: how hard is it to follow a couple of truly simple rules? Not hard, but there is no reason to bother if no consequences are levied. In general I disagree with making examples out of people, but if the precedent is set that "you cannot afford to be parked out front" then people will not park out front. Maybe somebody in the pub knows what I am talking about and is worse at pool than me. I'll go check.

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