b 4.0
Tuesday, October 23, 2001
It sure felt like a Friday today, and when that final buzzer rang at 1:50 to signal the end of ethics, you've never seen a more jubilant bunch of seniors hit the bricks. Zero hour is 7 AM tomorrow morning, so tonight is packing time. Instead of packing and taking it easy after a relatively late night last night, Karyn and I rode with Prof. Hennings to the Ronald McDonald House of Long Island to help out with adding PowerPoint to their speakers' repertoire. The trip was a total success and a real eye-opener into a great organization. After dinner, I had hoops practice, which delayed packing and laundry even further. Outside of official SNAME preperations there are other events going on to get us warmed up - namely a Happy After Hours from 12 - 7 AM. Thank heavens for this welcome escape fom the Institute.

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