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Monday, October 30, 2000
Now to touch on the Wall Street Journal article: "Many people post online journals devoted mostly to chronicling the mundane events of their daily lives, dear-diary style." While my college life may seem mundane to Thomas E. Weber, who writes for the Associated Press, perhaps he ought to post the URL of his blog and let us all check and see how much meaningful content he is finding. Granted he may not have time in his busy schedule of bashing my 'mundane' life to search the internet for new opinions to share, but isn't that a case in point? I don't know Thomas E. Weber, but I think he needs to realize that other people are shy on time, and this chronology of events may be enough to serve the purpose for which their blog was created.
To set the record straight, here is the URL of the article: WSJ, 30 October 2000.

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